The Stock Project

In my Language Arts class this year we’ve been reading The Westing Game. It’s areally complicated book, and our teacher made sure we understood every step of the way. So, when Turtle Wexler started going off about stocks, we did a stock project. Here are the guidelines for our project. You have an imaginary $20,000 to invest in stocks. We write the names of the brands/businesses in a spreadsheet, and we’ll track the ups and downs every week. Above, there’s a picture of what happened to my stocks. Some of you may be wondering what I invested in, so I’ll tell you.

1) Amazon because I feel like I use that brand a lot, and I know other people are too. Because so many people were spending money there, I was sure it would be a safe choice…

2) Target mostly for the same reasons as Amazon.

3) Nike because it’s been consistently a big brand.

4) Starbucks because I know it has a boom right now.

5) Disney because It makes a lot of money.

6) AT&T Inc. which I’m not really sure about why, but it was a great choice.

My total loss was $-32054.18. I know, I’m not very good at this! During this project, I learned how to enter formulas into a spreadsheet, and a lot about stocks. Before this project, stocks were just another confusing thing I didn’t understand. They’re still a bit confusing, but I feel like I understand them much better now. I learned not to put all of your money in one place, and that you have to be in it for the long run in order to get any money out of stocks.


Planetarium Field Trip!

Hello everyone! On Wednesday this week, my grade went on a field trip to the Morehead Planetarium in Chapel Hill. It was really fun! To start it off, we watched Astronaut on the big dome ceiling. We also had a star show, where the ceiling had a projected night sky, and we saw and learned about a bunch of constellations and star patterns. After that, we went downstairs, and there were interactive learning stations. My old house was pretty close to the Planetarium, so I went there a lot when I was little. These were new learning stations though, and they were pretty cool. Next, we did a little bit of those, we went outside and had lunch on some picnic benches. After lunch, we went back inside to do more of the stations, and then we had a guide, who showed us a super cool live display of electrons, and dry ice, and told us about all of Newton’s laws. I have a picture of this part above. I think that was my favorite part! Anyways, maybe you’ll get to go to the Planetarium on your next field trip! (If you’re still in school!) bye for now!




Hello! Today I’m going to give you a book recommendation! As you can probably tell from the picture above, this series is called Keeper of the Lost Cities, but because that is a lot to type, (and say!) I’m probably just going to call it KotLC. So, ever since I’ve read this series in 2020, I’ve been OBSESSED. I just love everything about it! The author, Shannon Messenger, makes the characters so real and relatable, even though it’s a fantasy novel. It is a bit of a modern spin on Harry Potter, except 10 times better…In my opinion!

It is a pretty big series, with 8.5 in it so far. This makes it so some people are intimidated, (so was I) but honestly I didn’t really care that they were long while I was reading them, in fact, I wished they were longer. While reading them, You just get pulled into the story with the writing, and it’s like you’re right there. When I read it, the further I got into the story, the better it got. It is so clear that the author has a clear plan for where the story is going, which is part of why it is so good! I really like these books, so maybe you should try them! The book I am reading right now is one of the Goddess Girl books, Pandora the Curious. I don’t like the book as much as KotLC, and I’m reading it because I have nothing else to read while waiting for Harry Potter #5 to come in the mail. The book is still good, it’s just not my favorite. Well, bye for now!

Spring Break!!

Hello! My school has spring break coming up really soon. Next week, and it’s Friday right now! It will be a full week, with no school or homework. I think it will be a needed break, and I will come back well rested and ready for more exitement. For this spring break, my family is going to Vermont! While we are there, we will ski, which i’m SUPER exited for. I have never been skiing before… I hope I’m okay at it! To get there, we are going to take 2 flights. It will be the first time I’ve been on a plane since early 2019. That’s almost 3 years! The only part of this trip I’m a bit nervous about is that to get to the flight on time, I have to wake up at 3 in the morning. Oh well. At least for the rest of the trip I will get to sleep late… I’m so exited for this trip! Bye for now!

Wisdom Tales

Wisdom tales are short stories with a lesson or moral that you learn something from at the end. In my Language art class, we read a bunch of these and then chose one to make a comic about. I chose to do a wisdom tale comic called ‘The Smuggler’ because It seemed like it would be the most fun to make the drawings for. To make my drawings, I used an app called Sketchbook. I use it a lot so I was familiar with the features. It is also really easy to navigate, and the more I play around with it, it becomes even easier and I can make more detailed and better drawings.  To put the comic together, I used Comic Life 3. It was not so easy to navigate, but the final effect was so cool that it was worth it. You should try using these fun tools, because It was a lot of fun, and also looks professional. Until Next time…


Snow much fun!

Hi! It was recently a snow day near where I live, and we got a late start to school today, which was nice, but meant we have no time to do homework at the end of the day. 🙁 ANYways, I have a really long driveway, which is great for sledding, so we did a lot of that. It was my dog’s second snow day, and she really enjoyed it. I went sledding with her on my sled with me once, and it was really funny. She was kind of scared because she usually goes really fast on her feet, not on something else. It must have been strange to her. I also went once with my little sister, who quickly learned it was not scary, but really fun. Well, I had a lot of fun this snow day, and I hope you did too!

Daily Habit

Hello again! In my language arts class, from September 13 to November 23 this year, we did a plank as a ‘Daily Habit.’ We started with 30 seconds, and moved that time up 15s until we were at 3 minutes and more. I noticed that because a plank is fairly easy for me, I would not really notice when time was added. But, once it was 3 minutes and more, I definitely did!

One day I had gotten my first covid vaccine the day before, so my arm ached. In our class while we were planking, if you had an injury you could do a wall sit instead. While doing the wall sit, it was much harder for me, and felt actually kind of good because I was getting stronger. The next day, my legs hurt so bad, I could barely go up the stairs! Because it hurt so much, I decided to do it again. It hurt MUCH less! This is an almost perfect example of compound effect. Compound effect is when you see/feel the effect of doing something over and over.

Once we were done with planking, (Around September 23) we got to come up with our own new daily habits! I chose to do a backbend against the wall, because I really want to be able to do that. I can do a cartwheel, I can almost do the splits on both sides, and a backbend would be a really cool thing to add to that list. I can do a backbend from the ground, and one from a wall. My goal is to be able to do it from standing up. As a dancer, back flexibility comes in handy, because whenever you say you dance, people say, “Show me something!” I usually just do a wave or a cartwheel of something, but a backbend is a lot more impressive! Well, that’s all for now. Thank you for reading all the way to the end!

Window or Mirror?

Think about the book you’re reading right now. Does It reflect your personal identity or experience like a mirror? Or does it give you a window into a new world? 

Right now I’m reading The Baby-Sitters Club book 10, Kristy and the Snobs, and I think it’s a window. I mostly think this because the main event that takes place has never happened to me. I can’t imagine what would happen if my dog were to get sick. Oops! No more spoilers, I promise!

Another thing that makes me feel like it’s a window, at least for me, is how there are rude neighbors. Not to mention, they’re kids! All the neighbors I’ve ever had have been adults, and barely even talk to my parents. 

The Baby-Sitters Club, Kristy and the Snobs is a really good book. And there are a lot of other really good books out there too! So the next time you read a book you like, think about whether it’s a Window or a Mirror. I think that thinking about this really makes me understand the book better. 

My Backpack


In Finding Someplace, Reesie, a tween who lives in New Orleans, loses everything she has in the monster hurricane Katrina, even the things she tries to bring along with her in a backpack. I drew a backpack, and filled it with things I would try to bring along. But unlike Reesie, when I drew it my life wasn’t in danger, and everything I would ever own did not rest on our shoulders. So I’m sure that I was biased about what I chose because you can never plan for the worst case scenario.

I decided on things I need for survival; water, using my water bottle that is amazing at keeping water cold, and also I could scoop water with it if it started flooding. For food, I brought a chocolate chip Cliff bar because I know we have a lot of them. They are delicious, and give me a lot of energy. I thought it was cool in Finding  Someplace how there was already food in the attic! It was sad how she lost her cake. I also brought money because everyone needs money to survive. Another thing I brought was an umbrella, so that in case I had to go on the roof like Reesie did, I could stay dry and safe-ish from the storm. 

I also put in sentimental items, like my diary, to record what happened exactly if I needed to know something about the experience, a squeaky toy that my dog loves to play with so that she would know everything would be okay, and my recorder, a device that records noises and replays them. I can listen to music on it and also record something if it is important. I actually surprised myself with what I chose here. It was cool to see the items I would want to bring along with me.Survival in the story Finding Someplace was important, so I can’t imagine how important it is in a real life hurricane.




I have finally had time to dig back into the back of the family junk drawer, and I found this solar panel robot. I kind of messed him up while I made him, but now he Is fine.


I made this London sky line lego set a while ago, and I think that now I want to do the other one in the seiries: New York.

My mom is an artist, and she made the rug in my room! So when me and my older sister got Inspired from these video things called project runway, my mom was just the one. I am making this dancing dress thing, and this is the plan:

sorry If you can not see the picture very well. Here Is what It looks like so far:

And here is the back:

I also started another top, that I made out of old pants:

And here is the back:

When this corona virus thing blows over, what do you think that you will do differently?

I think that I will Use less paper towels, And I will tend to use cloth napkins instead, I also think that I will be more great full for going to the places that I go every day.




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