My winter break was awesome !  How was yours?  I really hope it will snow!  But not in my birthday month, in January!  Happy new year! I think that 2020 is posing to be the best! I got a pooping unicorn 🦄 for Christmas. It is really fun, and it makes burping noises.  Here is a picture of a pooping unicorn, just to get an Idea of what it looks like.            


I also got a recorder, and there is a special spy mode on it.  I tried to spy on my older sister, but that really did not work, because nothing all that interesting happened for me to spy on.

My younger sister and my older sister worked together to make acrostic poems on bookmarks for everyone in my family and It was really cute.

My grandfather gave me this huge and amazing art set. It was really cool, and so fun.  I copied some coloring pages out of a coloring book from the  art set, so that I could color them twice!

Over my winter break, I went to see the Cats movie with some friends.  Probably the only reason that we all liked it so much was because we had all seen the musical 3 times !

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  1. Nancy
    February 15, 2020 at 11:02 pm (2 years ago)

    Hi Frances!
    I like how you shared what everyone did for christmas! What was your favorite present you got? Have a fun day!


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