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I have finally had time to dig back into the back of the family junk drawer, and I found this solar panel robot. I kind of messed him up while I made him, but now he Is fine.


I made this London sky line lego set a while ago, and I think that now I want to do the other one in the seiries: New York.

My mom is an artist, and she made the rug in my room! So when me and my older sister got Inspired from these video things called project runway, my mom was just the one. I am making this dancing dress thing, and this is the plan:

sorry If you can not see the picture very well. Here Is what It looks like so far:

And here is the back:

I also started another top, that I made out of old pants:

And here is the back:

When this corona virus thing blows over, what do you think that you will do differently?

I think that I will Use less paper towels, And I will tend to use cloth napkins instead, I also think that I will be more great full for going to the places that I go every day.





This Is a picture of the Corona Virus Thing :   .  It Is OK If you hardly know any thing About Corona Virus, there isn’t even a cure yet, but they are working on It! (Hopefully This will be over soon.)


COVID 19 Has caused a lot of stress for my parents, But the Great bit Is that now you have loads of free time,

School takes like 5 minutes,

and less pollution, because nobody goes in planes as much, and less cars! So, Yay!   Here Is a map showing where Corona Virus Is, And how many in each place.

And here Is a thing that shows you three of the main Symptoms of Corona Virus:

Another great thing is that you have a bunch more time to do things that you would not have had time for regularly.

Like: Puzzles, Legos, Reading, Writing, Music, etc. And you get to know who you are doing lockdown with a lot better, even If you have known them your whole life.

Also, you might figure out some thing about yourself, like you love to play the drums, or you still need to take naps!

Any way, I hope that everyone will be OK, and that you and everyone you know is safe, happy, and healthy. Bye!

Spring Break…And a few extra days…

Corona Virus, or COVID 19, has had some sort of effect on all of you, I know that much. How long it will happen to stay this way, I have no Idea! (Not that anybody else dose either.)

My dad helped me get a nice work station in the living room, because, (like I said before,) not one person anywhere has any Idea how long this will stay, just that It will be more than 4 weeks. ( It takes 4 weeks for germs to die.)

For spring break, My family and I went to Oak Island beach.There, I finally learnt how to do a cartwheel!  (I practice almost every day, I want to keep my abilities!)

My mom and my dad are super stressed, because of the stock market and their “coincidental age.” The main thing that I am worried about in this time is the school situation, and Older family relatives. None of us really know what is coming next, but what I would recomend is:

  1. TRY not to get sick, and WASH YOU’R HANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Try and block you and your family from the outside world, so that means no amazon orders or birthday parties with friends.

Try to start social distancing, which is only getting whithin 6 to 10 feet of people out of your family.

But, If you don’t want to, then don’t!!


My mom’s birthday was a couple weeks ago, and I made her a birthday cake. It took me all night, because there is homework in reality. In the end, it looked really good, but it took me until 9 o’clock! I did not know when we could eat it while being all together, and then I was like, oh! I know, we can eat it for breakfast! So then I tried to make it as healthy as I could, and put bananas     every where that I could. I put some in between the two cake layers, and some on top. On top I also drizzled chocolate sauce on top. My recipe for the sauce is:


February life

This is my Birthday month. I still have no Idea what I want to do for my B-day. I have a mile long List what I Want, but less than half of it is stuff that I will get.

I worked on what I want to make for valentines day, and I guess that it looks ok.  On valentines day, my family sends out valentine cards. Just like Christmas, cards, exept more of a reason for glitter and hearts everywhere. Valentines day is like so super super super super duper duper duper duper duper awesomely awesome. I got a hydro flask last Sunday, and it is yellow.  I think that I want to put stickers on It,  but not for a while.  I am long term exited for summer break, but probably not for long- it is finaly getting warm out. My family is always talking about vacation-“where”- Is the main question. Last year, for summer break, we went to cambridge for two weeks, France for two, and London for two. London was my favorite, probably because, there I finaly got some of my sweet sleep, or because of the amazing fountain/pool that we kids got play in. It was called prinsess Diana memorial fountain.

Genius testing

Next month is my birthday month.  I am so exited.

In Math yesterday, we did this thing called brain benders, and in that, we did “genius testing”, and that was really awesome.  Here are the questions:

  1.  How many birth days do the average persons have?

Ans: 1.

2.  A plane crashed on the boarder of New Mexico and Texas, so where do they burry the survivors?

Ans: They survived!

3. There are three apples, you take two away, how many apples do you have?

Ans:  Two.

4.A butcher is five foot ten, so what dose he weigh?

Ans: Meat.

5.  An electric train goes south at 71 miles per hour and the wind blows 31 miles north per hour, so which way will the smoke blow?

Ans:  There  is no smoke!

6.  Do they have a Fourth of July in England?

Ans: Yes,  they just don’t celebrate it.

7. Some months have 30 days. How many have 28?

Ans: All of them.

8.  How many stones did it take to finis the Great Wall of China?

Ans: One.

9.  A farmer has 17 sheep, and all but nine die. How many survived?

Ans:  Nine.

10.How much dirt is in a 6 by 6 by 6 hole?

Ans:  None.




My winter break was awesome !  How was yours?  I really hope it will snow!  But not in my birthday month, in January!  Happy new year! I think that 2020 is posing to be the best! I got a pooping unicorn 🦄 for Christmas. It is really fun, and it makes burping noises.  Here is a picture of a pooping unicorn, just to get an Idea of what it looks like.            


I also got a recorder, and there is a special spy mode on it.  I tried to spy on my older sister, but that really did not work, because nothing all that interesting happened for me to spy on.

My younger sister and my older sister worked together to make acrostic poems on bookmarks for everyone in my family and It was really cute.

My grandfather gave me this huge and amazing art set. It was really cool, and so fun.  I copied some coloring pages out of a coloring book from the  art set, so that I could color them twice!

Over my winter break, I went to see the Cats movie with some friends.  Probably the only reason that we all liked it so much was because we had all seen the musical 3 times !

Christmas ideas 💡

Need some last minute Christmas shopping advice?  My family always makes most of the stuff.

Here are some Ideas that you can make easily.

 This is was a normal  White ornament, and I dipped it in a tub of glue, and then stuck little wads of paper on them. Then, I used black model magic to do the eyes and mouth, and some orange model magic for the nose. Then, I put cinnamon and dried flowers inside of it.

 This was a normal snowman Collage.  This one is a paper plate snow globe.I used a blue paper plate, drew a snowman on it, and than put a handful of white beads in it, and glued a see through plat on that.  My parents loved it.

  My younger sister and I made these.  We used crumbled up lanterns and scrap cloth.

  My older sister and I made these snowmen bath bombs.

(None of these things were actually made by me, but I made things exactly like these!)

I am excited for Christmas!  We already had one of our parties, because some of our friends are going away for Christmas.

Alessia and I worked on singing songs, and came up for a name for us- the Season Sisters – and had our first preformance, a winter one.  We sang: It’s begening to look a lot like Christmas,we wish you a merry Christmas, and Last Christmas.


My First Blog Post!

I have recently been working on this picture.


I plan on going over the outline,and then I will laminate it. It started out as a doodle,and then I saw it as something different.

I used:a piece of blank paper,a set of colored pencils,a sharpie,gel pens,and a plain old pencil. You’re  house can probably provide all of these things.


I also love to do fashion drawings. I used to trace an outline from a book,but now I don’t have to because I have memorized where I should put my pencil.After I do  the outline,I think of an outfit for my endless collection of fashion pictures. Here are some of my best… 



I use a piece of plain paper,a pencil,and colored pencils.  Again, you most likely have all of these things.


A couple of weeks ago, I learnt how to make slime.Ok..It did look like barf..but still!

It was pretty easy.  All that I did was pour some liquids in a bowl -I used a big jug of water and one of glue. Then, s